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Industrial Adjustable Click Ratchet Torque Wrench Factory
Product name:torque wrench
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished
Packing:Blow Mold Case

Click Torque Wrench, Ratchet Head Main Features
1. Double window scale,plastic grip,high precision,resulting in fast and efficient operation.
2. The 45-tooth reversible ratchet head for both clockwise and counterclockwise operation.
3. ±3% and ±4% accuracy in clockwise direction exceeds international specifications 
4. Ergonomic soft TPR grips are comfortable to use.
5. Unique, stay-in-place,Lock Ring makes adjustments easier and secures selected torque from accidental change.
6. Metric scale with fine increments and reference English scales are easy to read and set.
7. The identity code marked on each wrench makes it possible to keep accurate records.
Special head can be customized ordered.