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Torque Multiplier Force Manual Multiplier
Product name:torque multiplier
Material:Alloy steel
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished
Packing:Aluminum box

 TM -Series Torque Multiplier
· Manual type, suitable for the occasions where it requests for high torque but power supply or space is limited.
· Sophisticated planetary gear system for torque multplying, accuracy ±5%
· Equipped with anti-returning device, more convenience and safe
· High torque/weight ratio, fulfill the locking / unlocking job easily with the hand wrench
· Easily switch from clockwise to anti-clockwise direction by the reversing lever and buttons.
· After-sales service:  1 year guarantee period, life-long maintnance.
· Supply scope1 pcs manual torque multiplier,1 pcs reaction arm, 1 set operating instructions,1 piece of test report.